What is a life well lived to you

Daily prompt: What is a life well lived to you?                                                                                                                      Pic from pinterest

I like this prompt because it made me think and put a few of my own thoughts into perspective …

For me it’s very simple …

One day when I die I would be satisfied if;

I did not do any harm to any living creature, emotional or physical or any other possible way.

That my conscience would make my choices.

That I displayed love and acceptance to others rather than the opposite.

That I would be able to forgive.

That I would find peace and acceptance of myself.

and most of all that I was a good mother …

I am grappling with some of these mentioned above.  I feel as though I fail in quite a few ways as far as mothering goes.  Most things I can forgive and don’t really hold grudges, but there is one forgiveness I need, really need to do, but somehow its just stuck here in my head.  Most of the time I am my own worst enemy.


66 thoughts on “What is a life well lived to you

  1. Simple to write, not so simple to do. Forgiveness is one of the greatest things and frees you completely but I agree that it is awfully difficult. Judging by your list, I believe you are doing better than most people out there. None of us are perfect but you are certainly making an astounding effort. Well done.

  2. I Cannot imagine you doing something mean to anybody. As for how we treat our children, we know that we have always done our best and I believe that they know that too. My beautiful, wonderful daughter, my best friend, is still unhappy because we din’t buy her a melodica when she was eight. That seems to be her only unhappy memory. So be of good cheer, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. lol

  3. I love your list and I’m sure you are a far better Mother than what you perceive of yourself… it’s not easy walking such a straight and narrow right through life but I’m sure you will match all of your criteria…

  4. Inspiring…most people will agree, all will fail on some point. The human condition precludes perfection, unfortunately. It’s not always what we do, it’s what’s in our hearts. I think you’ll pass with flying colours…

    • These are the things in my heart … I’m not necessarily winning on them, but if I die trying to be this way then that would be a life well lived for me. Thank you for your kind words, Amos.

  5. I liked your list, and forgiveness is very hard, but worth it. When we can’t forgive, it’s like we’re chained to the person who hurt us – it doesn’t hurt them, it only tears us apart. When we forgive, it’s like you take those chains and hand them back to the person who hurt us. When we forgive, we take the control over our lives from the one who hurt us.

    Thanks for sharing your list. It is a very good and honorable list. And I’m praying the Lord will bless you with the strength to forgive and be at peace with yourself. Many blessings to you.

  6. It’s a good list. Life’s a journey. Trust that you won’t die until you have fulfilled your purpose… and trust that you might not at all understand what your purpose is supposed to be. This should not stop us from doing the best we can.

    Forgiveness is mainly for your own peace of mind. You’ll usually find that the people you can’t forgive, don’t even realise (or care, in some cases) that they’ve hurt you. You’re chewing yourself to pieces in anger while they’re calmly chewing their braaivleis, blissfully unaware what’s going on.

  7. The forgiveness of my ex was a weight I didn’t fully know I had until it was lifted at my daughter’s wedding (my post). Thing was, I couldn’t let it go until she made the move to change herself. I know that I wanted to forgiveness as I was so relieved when it came about. It would have been easier on me over the years to have forgiven her and just moved on and let my care be known without wondering if it would ever change on the other side.
    Perhaps, that is what you will have to do…JUST DO IT! and then see how you feel as time moves on.

  8. Your list shows much spiritual growth, as it is not all about you but has become more of sharing your self with others, family, friends, etc, cultivating those relationships embracing the simple things in life which are always the more important things for they bring a happiness no one can take away from you! I found early on that more true hugs and pure smiles went a long way showing how much you really care and how selfless one really was. What ever happens to one in life, also happens to another, it takes a special heart to feel what others feel and to understand the moment when you reach out to them and show you care! I have seen you blossoming so much that it leaves a lasting smile inside me…you always were a treasure…keep moving forward and love will bring a forever lasting love and happiness in your life!

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  10. Thank you for “liking” my blog..
    I find your list above impressive.. you’ve got the perfect “mould” for a happy, satisfying life..I’d say you have a head start on most folks out there!

  11. I like your list an awful lot. One of my frequent prayers is “Lord don’t let me hurt myself or anyone else”. That causes me to think before I speak or act. Thanks for stopping by and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post “Resolved”.

Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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