and, how do you feel about that?

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“How do you feel about that?” is a question I’ve been asked a few times in therapy in the past.  It’s as though the therapist has no clue as to how moronic that question sounds when they’re not actually listening and paying attention to what the patient is saying.  I found it most exasperating when the answer was so obvious but I was expected to say it – I would really wonder if this was a control issue with the therapist or was he really the idiot between the two of us.  An example of what I’m trying to say … say for example; a brick falls on your foot and someone asks “How do you feel about that?” a tad bit vexing, isn’t it? But, I digress.

Recently, I have been asked this a few times.  Why? Well, because my eldest daughter is now with a modelling agency.  It all happened quite by accident.  Being very arty she was looking into areas like tattoo artistry or graphic art etc, but then as things happened she is now with the agency.

I cannot tell you how many people (especially women) when they want to know what my daughter is doing now that she has finished school – I tell them that she is with the agency, do I get the “And, how do you feel about that?”  The waves of exasperation flow over me…I dont suppose when someones child is studying to become a lawyer or doctor they would ask this question.  My standard answer now is that I’m very proud of her.

My daughter is beautiful both inside and out, she is warm, sensitive, extremely spiritual and one of the loveliest human beings I know.

What I find quite amazing though is that no one asks me how I feel about it when I tell them that she also has a second job doing books and accounts?  I am told by her boss that she is the best person he has ever had in this position.  Not just a pretty face then?  Quite amazing how judgemental people are?



45 thoughts on “and, how do you feel about that?

  1. Even I am very proud of , that you have faith and believe in your daughter and above all that you’re proud of her. Society is meant to make fun of your achievements, but its we, who can turn it the other way…. God bless you and your daughter!

  2. Life will take you to where you have to be, irrespective of judgemental people. I think they’re brought onto your path for a purpose: to become so focussed on the journey and not on the passengers on the train. I think you can be so proud of what you’ve reached and be sooo excited about the future. Well done!

  3. wow congrats for your daughter’s success and I wish her more success. Dont take that easy and must send her States for study or work because America is a super place for talented people. Mayeb Hollywood is waiting for her 🙂

  4. You know to really throw such people a curve ball… ask back “how should I feel about that??” congrats that your daughter is doing well as a youngster just out of school/college it is good to hear she has employment and with an agency… good luck to her… maybe she is our next big film star like Theron… when people ask me stupid questions like that I turn it around and ask them how do they think I should… it’s funny how quick they change the subject….

  5. I don’t think that question has anything to do with you, it seems more to reflect that the questioner would feel threatened to be in your shoes. Poor fools are doing the best they can, just show your strength and say your truth. That is how I feel about that. (Yes, I am laughing now. I also despise that phrase.)

  6. Perhaps they ask that because they think your daughter might go overseas and they wonder how you would feel about that. You seem such a special, kind person that I cannot believe that anyone would upset you on purpose. If they’re mean (goor) I would simply say “Wonderful, how would you feel if you had such a beautiful daughter, that got a job immediately after matric. Then, to top it all, she’s clever as well, I am really blessed!” Do’nt allow anybody to upset you about something you can be very proud about. Lovies

  7. I had a niece who was for a while a very successful model….she was a ‘foot model’, and yeah in print media there is a big demand for socks, shoes and such. She had the feet for that. The part of here career my mother, now deceased and I would giggle about is or was what her father had to make up in rent and living expenses. My point would be, is how you view life. How do you feel about that?, I just could not resist..

  8. Unfortunately people are judgemental big way, if you are happy with what you are doing, how you are, what your daughter is doing etc, that is the most important thing. Don’t listen to others as they “judge” you and your daughter. My son didn’t go to college but did an apprenticeship and was so much happier this way, and others said “What no college” as if it was a bad thing. He is a bright lad and very happy with his work, that is more important to me than other people’ opinion. It is his life and I am also proud of him, as you are of your daughter. You live your life not other people’s dreams, so do our children. They need to to what they enjoy and grow with that. Great Post! Hugs Ute x

  9. People always judge when they don’t actually know what’s going on. As long as your daughter is happy with what she’s doing, that should be enough for them! And I agree about the “how do you feel about that?” question, it is indeed highly irritating (and often very inappropriate!) xx

  10. Many people ask that kind of question because they are hoping you will spill the beans about your concerns and that is fodder for further gossip embellished of course. Your daughter sounds like a wonderful, well balanced young lady and you have every right to be proud of her. Don’t feed the idiots, just smile and say “I couldn’t be prouder/happier for her”

Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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