Is it rude to ask? On the couch again.


I know there are quite a few people who do these quote edits, I do them purely because I like them.  I have started my little Facebook page with famous quotes and also quotes from bloggers attributed to themselves, of course.  I am trying to grow my page.   So, I’m not sure if it is rude to ask people to like my page?  If you don’t think its rude and would like to “like” the box is on the right of this blog.


On to the subject of asking questions.  I have been told that I ask too many questions.  I was quite surprised and quite hurt by this, because my questions are not out of being inquisitive, but rather out of interest and/or concern depending on the situation.
I’m not one who talks about people, so there is no other reason for me to ask questions other than those I mentioned.  I am also not nosy.  The last time I asked a friend a question, well I was rebuffed, and well, it still hurts really badly…
What is your opinion?

On my bicycle…


The Daily Prompt

Have you made your bucket list? Now’s the time — write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.


Throughout the years I have been much of an armchair traveler – and also a traveler in books.  My favourite programs are the travel ones, so it was quite amazing, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel outside of Africa.
Last year my family and I had the opportunity to visit family in Germany, whilst there we had the chance to visit a few other places.  I have realised that I now actually have a bit of a travel bug.  I want to travel and see as many places as I possibly can.  I absolutely adored Amsterdam and London, and would love to go back there again for a second visit, although there are also many more other places waiting for me…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

(Above) A Typical South African afternoon in the veld.


(Above) Photo taken from on top in a cable car in Germany.
ontop2_FotorSitting in a restaurant in Germany, this little bird came and sat at the empty table next to me and posed for this lovely photo.

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Do you know anything about dreams?


(I used the above photo as I don’t have any Lily photos)
I seem to dream such a lot lately.  Some of the dreams stay with me for days.  My latest “stay with me dream” is as follows:
I am walking in my back garden and suddenly hundreds of Arum Lilies appear.  Their colours are the most amazing shades of purple and blue that I’ve ever seen.  I try to take photos of the Lilies, but as I get closer the blues and purples seem to be moving and flowing into each other.  It was so exquisite that in my dream I had to put my camera down, as it could not capture what my eyes were seeing?
Do you think possibly had any meaning?

My Entry: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.


I know that this is not a well taken photo, but I thought I’d share it anyway.  I found it quite ironic that it looks as though the little birds embroidered on the cushion appear to be watching HRH so sweetly, whilst back at the ranch, I have to get him a little bell collar…
As for the embroidered bugs on the other pillow, don’t know why, but I like it :)
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“You’re too short to be so cheeky”

People  016

“You’re too short to be so cheeky”

He told her almost every day.

She tried to come up with funny quips,

To say something back – in some way

She said things about dynamite,

and how she was perfect quicker than most,

but that didn’t help as he replied

that she should stand on a post.

He was never at a loss of words

And had more replies than most.

But, one day he said again

“You’re too short to be so cheeky”

And she said “Well, I don’t care”

He stopped in his tracks,

and all he could do was stare

She told him that she might be short,

But that she was very cute…

He stared at her a while and said

“Well that I can’t refute”

True story.

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I saw a man…

Transport 027

Yesterday I was doing the shopping, not one of my favourite things to do, but it has to be done.  Anyway, whilst pushing my trolley through the bakery section of the supermarket, I noticed an extremely well build man, all muscle bound and stuff.  Now usually I don’t go around looking at men, especially not the muscular type, but this one just caught my eye.  It could be he caught my eye because he kept getting in my way, and I’d have to stand and wait whilst he slowly moved around getting his stuff off the shelves in his tight (show off my muscles) or as I’ve heard the Afrikaans speakers call them (Maak my Sterk Hempie”) T-shirt.
With him blocking me, and being in my way carried on for a few minutes more until my patience just simply ran out.  I decided to work my way around the supermarket from the other end, but just as I was maneuvering my trolley around, his cell phone rang.  Mr Muscles managed to get his cellphone out of his tight fitting clothes and when he answered, I had to stifle my laughter, as he answered his phone with “Hello mommy….” with a real girly voice.   Even my daughters will answer with a “hi mom,” but never a “hello mommy”  I think its the “mommy” word that caused the inward laughter.  I don’t usually want to laugh at others, but this scene just tickled my sense of humour and I had to share.