Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (56)


 Thank you for all the lovely entries.  Here they are:

steve wrote…
My cats want a cat flap

Silver Threading wrote…
Sugar and Spice just stopped by to say hello!

Living With My Ancestors wrote…
My little Inky wanting attention (as usual)!

Hermann aka Newsferret

Hope The Happy Hugger wrote…
The beautiful Grey Lourie <3

Kate – Dazzling Whimsy wrote…
My little cutie

Colonialist wrote…


becca givens wrote…

Here’s one of my sweetest girls!
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

LorB wrote…


Little Binky wrote…
I’m not coming out, untill they’re out of here :D

Raewyn Forbes wrote…
The first ducklings of spring.

Quarksire wrote…
Jake da’ Jaded Pup an 2 Ol’ Guys

Holley @ Destino wrote…
Go Buckeyes! :)

Sydnee Pee and kimberly wrote…
Last week stubborn, this week naughty, next week…..?

Amanda at Something to Ponder About wrote…




Sunday Gratitude.


I am grateful everyday, but have chosen Sundays to post about it.

I am grateful for flowers.  I love flowers and I love when they start blooming.

It feels heavenly to walk through my garden and to look at, and smell all the lovely flowers.

The rose above is the second rose which has bloomed here in my garden this season.


I am sharing this post with Colline’s Gratitude posts:

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Dear Black Dog…

Passage B&W
Dear Black dog,

You have been chasing me relentlessly for the past month – again.  Sometimes, I manage to run faster than you, sometimes I’m just not strong enough and I slow down.  You on the other hand seem to have swallowed dynamite, because you just don’t stop.  The few times that you do take a rest, I can still feel your eyes, watching me.

I wonder if the devil isn’t riding along with you, holding out a bottle of meds and spurring you on to chase me faster…

You make me so tired.

When will you stop?

When will you leave me alone?

For how many years are you still going to torment me?

I would appreciate you letting me know all this, just so that I can know.

Without regards,

Hope, the happy hugger.

It’s funny now – but not then.

Writing 101 prompt for today:

Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice —

even if that makes you a little nervous.


I want to point out that I am not bothered at all now about what I’m going to tell you; it’s just that the few who I have related this story to thought it quite funny. It is, in fact, funny in an odd way; it is one of these things that was not funny then, but it is now.

The prompt mentions this quote:

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.

Anne Lamott

I know this quote well, and I usually use it to justify my “Skinnering” (South African slang for gossiping.) Anyway, we were always, always broke. There was never money, because dear old dad spent the little he earned on cars and the horses. I heard my mom and aunt once talking about my dad and uncle. It seemed that they went out on their own to some or another restaurant for steaks when they won a few bucks on the horses.

There were days when I was happy about the apricot tree outside in the back yard. Our meals, now and then, were bread and jam, etc. Don’t get me wrong, there were  times when there was food in the house, but there were also those other times.

One day though, we were out endlessly visiting family, on dear old dads side of of course. On the way home, late at night dad decided that he was hungry, us two kids were starving, but I was often too scared to say so. Dad stopped at a cafe; mom went in and bought us each, my brother and me, a pie and a coke. It tasted divine. I thought that this must be what it must be like in a fancy french restaurant.pep_coca-48

I was about nine years old at the time. You will then understand when I thought that with my first paycheck, when I was big, I would buy myself a pie and a coke and sit under a tree to have it.

You may have a little chuckle now.  My favourite food now is most definitely not a pie and a coke, but rather a nice piece of hake and sparkling water, but I’d still go and sit under a tree to have it.

Coke Image from:  Vintage images. org